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June Yip

Azure Mattress topper Queen Size
Fantastic purchase to make my 20 years old mattress feels like new again…

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Eric Chia

I have tried many mattresses because of my back as well as pillow as I have a neck injury . I have found Azure Cool Hybrid…

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Grace Lim

To be honest we were skeptical at first as we are currently using another brand, which is hard to top. The moment we put ourselves…

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Jas Teo

Fantastic sleeping experience!

The mattress is absolutely great! It’s neither soft nor hard, but the support to the spine is there…

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Rachel Tan

Great Bed Soft and Firm

Never experienced a better sleep before! Bed supports the right areas well with great firmness and softness!…

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Kent Chu

Tried the mattress at their showroom ordered Azure Cool Max Hybrid, delivery arrived next day, mattress is cooling not too…

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Alan Lee

It’s almost a month since the mattress being delivered to my home. First of all I would like to say that it was a new experience…

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Nurul Sakina

Love the Cool Hybrid mattress! It’s so comfortable and I really have a good night sleep, wake up with no backache…

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Elaine Lum

I was hesitant before buying Azure as there are many brand outside with equal quality but i decided to choose Azure Cool Max…

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Matt Davies

I’ve just moved house and as I enter a new phase at a new place, I decided to purchase a new mattress for myself…

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M. Ismail

Best Online Purchase
This Cool Latex pillow is soft yet give sufficient support to my neck. My previous pillow was a latex pillow…

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I loved the 120 days trial that Azure Mattress offers for its products. That attracted me to complete my online purchase….

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I was hesitant to purchase a new mattress online, but after reading all the positive reviews about Azure Mattress, I decided to give it a try….

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I can confidently say that Azure Max Cool Hybrid is the best mattress I’ve ever owned. The ultra-soft cover coupled with memory…

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I recently purchased the Azure Premium Comfort mattress and have been blown away by its comfort and quality. The memory foam…

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I absolutely love my new Azure Cool Hybrid mattress! It’s the perfect balance of softness and support. I wake up feeling refreshed…

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